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Coating agent

Coating agent



Heating hot water circulation system, central air conditioning water system, industrial cooling water systems, water supply systems.


Performance and Features

Appearance is white or light blue, light green glassy crystal surface to absorb moisture in humid air, but not bad, slowly dissolved in water at room temperature, alkaline aqueous solution, the dissolution rate increases with increasing surface temperature rise. Drug molecules can prevent corrosion and fouling metal surfaces in contact with water and can gradually shedding the rust has been generated, clean the cooling surfaces and equipment in water quality through the pipeline inside the material, whether black or non-ferrous metals can form a protective film, non-ferrous metal effect is particularly significant in the temperature range 5-200 ℃, the pressure within the pressure -3.5MPa can form a protective film to prevent algae and sludge generation and adhesion.


Anti-corrosion mechanism

Constituting material of the present pharmaceutical agent containing the metal surface has a strong affinity for the component, when the agent is dissolved in water, in water through the pipe, the metal surface is absorbed in the device and generate a thin (one micron or less), yet strong dense impermeable polymer film, the film has very excellent characteristics, and the anion can prevent contact with the metal surface of the dissolved oxygen in the water, thus preventing the oxidation of metal corrosion and galvanic corrosion. Algae and water generation and adhesion of bacteria to prevent the pipes, internal equipment systems "rust red water" phenomenon, which can protect metal equipment. Extend the life of the equipment.


Anti--scaling mechanism

Coating agents dissolved in water, they form a colloidal ions, such ions can adsorption of colloidal suspensions in water and calcium and magnesium ions, the formation of colloidal particles deposited on the wall easily, easily exhaust system of In addition, due to the colloidal anion formation and deposition of carbonate, sulfate, silicate scale from inhibition and dispersion, which can prevent scaling, improving the thermal efficiency of the equipment, to achieve energy savings to reduce costs.



1, in the daily operation and management, as long as the system can control the PH value of water, you can control the amount of pharmaceutical drugs, such as when the user of water hardness at 1.5-2.5 mmol / l, the system should be controlled in the water PH value between 9-10. Water hardness 3-5 mmol / l, the system water PH value should be controlled between 10-11. When the system circulating water PH value in their own desired range, both self-sufficiency is closed; open the bypass valve. 
2, running 1-3 months, once the sewage (self-control) agents to clean the dirt surface and add new drugs. 
3, the agent in hot water heating systems are generally able to achieve the requirements for 20-40PPm, PH value control in the 9-10 range of the best. 
4, water concentration is generally used in the system 10-20PPm both pipelines and valves play a good protection, industrial circulating water to a concentration of 20-50PPm. 
5, before using 2cm pieces of fish out below, in order to avoid congestion.