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Alias:Ferrocene;Biscyclopentadienyliron; Dicyclopentadienyliron;Di-2,4-cycIopentaien-1-yI iron
English name:Ferrocene ;Biscyclopentadienyliron; Dicyclopentadienyliron;Di-2,4-cycIopentaien-1-yI iron
Molecular formula:C10H10Fe
Molecular weight:186.03
Product feature:
Molecular formula Fe (C5H5) 2 organometallic compounds, orange crystalline solid with a camphor-like odor, 172.5-173 οC, 100 οC above the sublimation, boiling point: 249οC; anti-magnetic dipole moment is zero; insoluble in water, 10% sodium hydroxide and hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, with a high degree of thermal stability, chemical stability and radiation resistance.
Quality indicators:(Q/HG4716-94)

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Melting point:οC




Free iron


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(1) For energy-saving smoke and combustion additives: can be used for a variety of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, heavy oil, coal. Vehicle diesel fuel, 0.1% Ferrocene savings of fuel oil, 10-14% exhaust smoke decreased by 30-80%. In addition, 0.3% in heavy oil, coal 0.2% of Ferrocene, can make the fuel consumption drops, smoke decreased by 30%.
(2) Used as synthetic gasoline, of man-made liquefied gas additive: 0.01-0.5% of Ferrocene and related additives in the synthesis gas oil, can be dubbed the equivalent of 80 #, 85 #, 90 # all kinds of synthetic gasoline; in methanolFerrocene add 0.03%, can be dubbed the combustion value of 3372-38656 KJ-KG, man-made liquefied gas; add 0.005% -0.008% Ferrocene in a mixed solution of methanol, ethanol, can be dubbed the new and efficient civilian fuel.
(3) Used as a gasoline antiknock: Ferrocene can replace gasoline toxic tetraethyl lead as antiknock agent, made of high-grade unleaded gasoline to eliminate fuel emissions on the environment pollution and poison on the human body. If gasoline was added 0.0166-0.0332g / L of Ferrocene and 0.05-0.1g/L tert-butyl acetate, octane increase 4.5-6.
(4) Ferrocene can be used as a polymerization catalyst, and the silicone rubber curing agent: Ferrocene Some organisms can prevent the degradation of the polyethylene of light used for agricultural mulch film, in a certain period of time so that the natural degradation of the crumble, do not affect farmingfertilization. Ferrocene also be used as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester fiber as a protective agent to improve the thermal stability of plastics, rubber, fiber.
(5) Ferrocene can be used as rocket propellant burning rate catalyst in the aerospace industry.
(6) In medicine, Ferrocene can be used as the raw material of some antimicrobial agents, blood agents.

Packaging and storage:25kg / woven plastic textile bag. Storage to prevent sun and rain, not fitted with sharp objects to clean and dry warehouse storage to prevent moisture